Shares Investment Terms and Conditions

First Party: Global Shares Group (Administrator)

Second Party: Investor.

Object: Project Share Mobile App & Properties.


The First Party invested an extensive amount of its own time, effort and money to each of the Projects listed at, which therefore it has total interest and benefit in the Success of each of the Projects and guarantees to do its best efforts do everything possible towards that goal.

I, The Investor (Second Party), of the Project selected, administered by GLOBAL SHARES
GROUP ("First Party"), declare that:

I – I have received, read and understood the terms of the Project Regulation,
supplementary information form and blade (if any), as well as that I agree and
accept as valid and mandatory all provisions contained therein;

I declare to be aware that:

II - The amount invested will be used only for the project selected.

.III – Global Shares Group reserves the right to use the amount invested in
any way or time it sees fit and better for the project profitability and

IV - Updates will be given so investors can be informed what the funds are being used
for and its results;

V - Profitability obtained in the past does not represent a guarantee of future

VI - The amount invested cannot be redeemed but can be transferred to another investor,
and the sale can be of any value, including Superior, equal or inferior to Original
amount paid. If Inferior, the losses bare on the Investor (Second Party) cost only;

VII - The funds invested in the Project do not count with the guarantee of profit from the
First party, nor any insurance mechanism, and there is no guarantee against
any property losses;

VIII -Regardless of the diligence of the First Party, the investment in funds and
projects are subject to risks, including those described in its Regulation and
below, and the First Party may not be held liable for any depreciation of the
assets of the portfolio, loss of profitability or invested capital, except in
cases of proven negligence or bad faith;

IX– The five main risk factors inherent in the composition of the Project’s portfolio,
briefly, are:

(a) Market Risk: The value of the assets that make up the Project´s portfolio may vary
depending on fluctuations in interest rates, exchange rates, prices and market
quotations, and due to any changes in economic and/or political conditions,
national or international. Such facts may adversely affect the prices of assets.

(b) Credit Risk: The public and/or private securities that make up the projects are
subject to the ability of its issuers and/or counterparties of the projects to
honor interest payment commitments and the principal payment of their debts. In
the event of a problem of lack of capacity and/or provision of payment of any
of the issuers of debt securities or counterparties in the operations of the project
selected, the projects may suffer losses.

(c)Liquidity Risk: The Projects may be subject to periods of difficulty in
executing purchase and sale orders, caused by low or non-existent demand and
negotiability of the financial assets.

(d) Risk from the Use of Derivatives: The Projects carries out derivative operations as
part of its investment strategy. These transactions may not produce the desired
effects, causing significant fluctuations in the project´s result and may cause
equity losses to the investors.

(e)Regulatory Risk: Any changes in the rules or laws applicable to the Projects
and its financial assets, including but not limited to those relating to taxes,
may cause a material adverse effect on the price of the assets and/or the
performance of the Projects.

I undertake to keep my registration data, especially the addresses for correspondence and
e-mail, always updated before the Administrator.

Even aware of these risks, after careful READING of this statement, the terms of which MAY
provided that they comply with their obligations, I made the decision to make
the investment in the Project

This document is irrevocable and irrevocable, obliging the parties themselves, their
heirs and successors.

X- Any Finds deposited will use Third Parties companies to process the Payment and any fees charged from the Second Party by payment gateways or devaluation of USD currency will not be included on the Fund Invested amount and have no redraw or any claim rights.