Plans Investment Terms and Conditions

ARIA Agreement


First Party: Admin (Global Shares Group DWC LLC)

Second Party: Investor

Object: ARIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) & Community Bitcoin Mining



ARIA shall use only the
Investor deposited funds in the Crypto Currency Trading Markets.


Using the Investor deposited funds, if ARIA Investment profit result is inferior to the Plan Return Cap selected per 30 days to the Investor, no commission shall be paid to the Admin and the Investor will be entitled to any and all Profits produced. A small 5% Management Fee from the profit produced will be
then paid to the Admin.

Using the Investor deposited funds, if the ARIA Investment Profit result is Superior to the Return Plan selected per 30 days to the Investor, The agreed Return plan will be entitled to the Investor and any and all Superior Profit amounts will be entitled as commission to the Admin.


IV.    ARIA has been producing for long periods steady great margin of profits, besides its history of gains, The Admin nor ARIA does not guarantee any Profit return on the Investor Funds, but
besides reasons of honor, ethics and professionalism, it’s on the Admin interest in producing Profit for the Investor, in order
for the Admin to gain commission. The financial compensation is a great incentive for Profit efforts, and the history of gains is  a great incentive to show that is possible and likely.

Any loses of Investments are applied
solely on the Investor Deposited Funds. Admin and ARIA history of success and profits make the loss of funds a real but very small possibility.


         ARIA uses the strategy of every 100% of the deposited funds, only 10% will be used per Trade. Within that Trade a 3% Take profit and 1% Stop loss is applied to be the standard of Strategy and Risk Management

The Investor may not redraw its deposited funds and Profits from the ARIA until completed the time period of the Selected Plan. Investor must apply redraw on the last day
of the Agreed Plan on Dubai, UAE time zone or else Plan will Auto Renew for same period Plan and will use all funds including profits produced as a total.



                  Any further amounts Deposited to the ARIA will be
considered it is own separated Investment, not connected to any previous Invested amounts deposited or Period Plans, and will be enforced it’s own separated Plan rules and Policy described at this contract.

Any Funds deposits will use Third Parties companies to process the Payment. Any fees charged from the Investor by payment getaways, Third Parties Companies, Currency fluctuation, do not include on the Deposit Fund or Redraw rights.


         Any Funds deposited can only be Withdrawn after the selection of a ARIA Plan and that the Plan Period has naturally ended.