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Why Choose Global Shares Group?

We provide Unique Investment opportunities with great Profit for small time Investors

ARIA Robot Crypto Trader

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (ARIA) trades day and night Crypto on the world markets and produce you passive INCOME! Choose from Different Plans that fit your pocket

Crypto Signals

Get up to 25 Premium Crypto Signals from ARIA thru Telegram and Discord and Trade yourself!

Referral Program

Bring Investors to Profit from our Opportunities and get 2% commission of amounts invested

Investment Profits

Get Updates on how your Investment and Project is doing weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Questions below. If you have a question that is not answered here, Please contact us.

It all depends on your pocket, interest and Return needs

Each Projects has its different risks and Profitability. ARIA for example from 100% of your invested amount we only use 10% per trade and total stop loss of 1%. So your risk in only 1% per trade. That great! Keep in mind that we only sell 49% of all Shares and trade spaces. 51% it is OUR Share/funds, which means we have more of our own money invested than all Investors combined funds in all projects. So it is in our best interest to make them grow as much as possible.

Yes! We created a platform with the necessary documents and payment gateways so you can invest from anywhere in the world

Bank Transfers, Paypal, Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill and Most Cryptos. After you register you can look DEPOSIT page and it will show you all options

Bank Transfer, Paypal, Skrill, USDT and Bitcoin

Plan A starts at minimum Investment of 1000 Dollars and is up to 2% profit a month during 9 months. Anything above that 2% is our commission. If we produce 3% a month, 2% is yours and 1% is ours. You can withdraw your profits at the end of every month and get your capital invested back when the plan finishes. Plan B starts at minimum Investment of 100 Dollars and is up to 4 % profit a month for 3 months. You can only withdraw your profits and capital after this period ends because we increase your profits by using Compound Interest. Anything that goes above 4% is our commission. If we produce 5% a month, 4% is yours, 1% is ours. Plan C starts at minimum Investment of 2.000 Dollars and up to 6% profit month for 6 months. You can only withdraw your profits and capital after this period ends because we increase your profits by using Compound Interest. Anything that goes above 6% is our commission. If we produce 8% a month, 6% is yours, 2% is ours. Plan D starts at minimum Investment of 10.000 dollars we charge 2% fee of the deposited amount, but it is Unlimited Monthly. Meaning you can make 15,20,30% Profit a month! From that we charge 20% only from your profits as commission.

It all depends on which country you are investing from and the payment method or company you are using. Usually 3-5 Working days for most cases.

It is free to Join, and we only get a commission from your profits if we provide HIGHER return than the Agreed plan. If the plan is up to 8% return a month, and we don’t produce more to you than that, we make zero commission and you get all the profits for yourself

The reason is so good, is because is free. If we sell you something and we make money just by selling to you, our part is done, as we profited already. But if we only make money, if YOU make money, then we are forced to provide the best deal and service. Or else we go out of business.

Yes you can! At any moment invest more funds, in the same type of plan or different one. Each deposit will be its own separated contract with it’s own time and profit.

Plan 1, Monthly Average profit is 8-15% but in the software of ARIA, for same plan says 2-8%. Plan 2, Monthly Average profit is 10-20% but in the software of ARIA, for same plan says 3-12% Which is one is correct? A: Both are correct. On the website is saying the AVERAGE monthly, but if your plan is up to 8% and your trade produces 9%, you will get 8 and we will get as commission 1%. What the ARIA software is saying 2-8% is that is practically IMPOSSIBLE to do less than 2% a month, which is INSIDE the rule up to 8% Profit a month. If you ask any bank or investment company, even the 2% a month would be an amazing return. Properties produce 5% a YEAR in rental only for example, and most people do that and think they are doing a good deal.

Soon as ARIA received your Invested Funds it will start trading (Not on weekends, Robots need to relax too). You will get Updates according to your Investment Plan on your Page.

From 100% of your funds we will only use 10% per operation, with a stoploss of 1%. 1% per trade is your risk.

The Profits and your original invested funds can only be redrawn on the last day of your Plan time selected. If you dont, it will auto renew.

1st it is an agreement, where you accepted and committed those funds for us to trade with it for X period of time. You are asking to break the agreement. 2nd To Remove from the Exchange and back to you, there is a charge fee that is the same if you remove 1 dollar or 1 Million, so it is NOT worth to remove before the time period. 3rd To do that, we would have to assign a team of tech to change the codes and stop the trade for EVERYBODY, just so you can get your money before the agreed time. We will not land the airplane just because one passenger wants to get out earlier from his agreed flight time.

1st Actually, there are scams with cars, properties, women, etc. It is Humans who are flawed, not the Product. 2nd ARIA Robot does not stay inside our own website/Software, but stays inside, which is the WORLDS largest exchange! Evaluated at 1.5 Billion Dollars. 3rd The funds stay in YOUR account not ours. We only get access to trade your funds thru API. It is like giving us access to control remotely your laptop. We cannot take your laptop away even if we wanted to.

It is simple, you use your unique referral link to send People to register at the our page, if they invest in any of the Products or Services we provide, you make a commission. Commission goes up to 5 Levels and divided into Level 1 (2%), Level 2 (1%), Level 3 (0.5%), Level 4 (0.25%), Level 5 (0.12%) This payment is based on: How much you invest + How much your Friend invested x2( If level 1) divided by 100 = Your commission. Example: You invested 1000 usd + Your friend invested 500 usd x2 (level 1) divide by 100 = 30,00 usd

Register at this Platform . Add funds to your wallet > Choose Plan. DONE. nothing else is required. Your funds will enter ARIA and will join the trades

Profit Calculator

The calculator below will give you an estimated Return of your investment. Markets change constantly so you can make inferior or Superior returns than shown below

Payment We Accept

We accept all major cryptocurrencies and as well the more standard types as Bank transfers, Paypal, etc. From almost any country


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